Inspire Your Team to Provide More Value-Based Care


The medical field is experiencing a transition toward value-based healthcare and away from the traditional fee-for-service model. In this model, providers get paid based on the quality of healthcare they deliver and the results they see, rather than the amount of care they give. How do you get your team on board? Here are a… Read more »

Why You Should Pick Up the Phone When a Recruiter Calls

Hand holding cell phone

Has a recruiter been calling you? It’s not wise to ignore the phone. Even if you’re not interested in a new job, it’s worth your while to answer the phone, text or respond to that email when a recruiter contacts you.Here are some of the major reasons why it’s a good idea to pick up… Read more »

Have You Set 2020 Goals Yet?

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Setting strategic goals is essential to the life of your healthcare organization. If you don’t, your team has nothing to strive for. Plus, your organization as a whole has no way of measuring whether or not you’re achieving what you should be: highly effective and timely patient care. Let’s take a look at four basic… Read more »

Learn to Love Change

When employees have to deal with change, they, like many of us, find it difficult. Thus, as an employer, you set the example; employees will follow your lead. Your acceptance of change as a positive will urge your employees to do the same. So, do what you can to show them how to deal with… Read more »

Should You Evaluate a Candidate on Enthusiasm?

When hiring, you naturally want to focus on who will make the best employee, and that often comes from looking at the person’s background and experience. But do you also look at enthusiasm? There’s something rewards when hiring a candidate whose attitude leads to a more positive experience for all involved. Think about building a… Read more »

Hiring for Empathy

As you hire, you want to consider various factors such as experience, working well with others and the usual preferences. But do you also look to hire someone who seems empathetic? Should that matter in a new hire, especially when trying to recruit top talent? In a word, yes, especially in an industry that so… Read more »

The Truth About Employee Retention

You may well have heard the statement that today’s millennial employees jump from job to job, staying only a year or two before moving onto greener pastures. First, research from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics belies that myth, pointing out that while in 1983 the average employee stayed at the same company for 3.5… Read more »

Multi-tasking Is Not as Efficient as You Think! A Clear Focus, Improves Employee Productivity!

We live in a world where we can barely watch TV without feeling as though we need to be doing something else, such as folding laundry or doing sit-ups, because simply sitting feels wrong. We eat while we drive, listen to a podcast while we cook, text while walking. Yet for all the cache of… Read more »

Create Growth by Embracing Some Employee Push Back

In our business and personal lives, we tend to stick with those who think similarly to us; it makes us feel more comfortable and more supported in what we think and do. And that works to a point; you don’t want to constantly surround yourself with people who question your every thought. However, as an… Read more »