When employees have to deal with change, they, like many of us, find it difficult. Thus, as an employer, you set the example; employees will follow your lead. Your acceptance of change as a positive will urge your employees to do the same. So, do what you can to show them how to deal with change positively as opposed to negatively.


  • Help them view it as an opportunity. When change occurs in a company, for whatever reason, it helps to see how it can positively affect others — help them to see it as a chance to look for ideas, solutions or cost solutions. Urging employees to take initiative makes them feel appreciated, especially during a time of upheaval. This turns their focus forward and helps employees to look at what they can control, rather than centering on what they can’t. See what you can do as a group to find solutions to any new challenges that arise.


  • Communicate frequently and as honestly as possible. When it comes to change, employees get the most frustrated by a lack of information. Change is difficult enough; when they have to operate in the dark with partial information, employees begin to worry, start rumors and possibly spread misinformation. Make sure you give them as much of the picture as possible rather than handing out information piece by piece. This helps cement their trust in you and builds relationships. It also makes employees feel more comfortable and confident in both the change itself and you as an employer.


  • Give them the time and training they need. Rather than putting employees in a position where they feel they’re on the defensive, reacting to change as it comes with little warning, give them the time and resources they need to learn new skills or gain new experience that will help them transition smoothly into new roles. You may want to use virtual or classroom training. Virtual gives them both flexibility and a measure of control over scheduling, while a classroom allows them to establish social connections. Training employees for a change also empowers them, putting them on the offensive so they feel ready for what’s coming. Offering training also demonstrates you want them to be the best at their position; it also indicates your aim to be a leader they’ll want to follow.


As a leader, your decisions on how to include your employees in change will demonstrate the kind of leader you are. Partner in recruiting top medical professionals for your team with the staffing experts at Medical Professionals.

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