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Hand holding cell phoneHas a recruiter been calling you? It’s not wise to ignore the phone. Even if you’re not interested in a new job, it’s worth your while to answer the phone, text or respond to that email when a recruiter contacts you.Here are some of the major reasons why it’s a good idea to pick up when you see that number:


You Never Know When a Great Opportunity Might Present Itself

It’s important to realize that even when you’re not looking for a new opportunity, something could always come along when you least expect it. And that something could change your life for the better. So it’s worth answering the phone and taking a few minutes out of your day to see what the recruiter has to say. Remember: you can always say no. You just can’t know when an opportunity might arise that is simply too good to pass up!


You’ll Get a Feel For Your Value and Demand

Even if you decline the recruiter’s offer and stick with your current position, you’ll have gained something from the interaction. You can get a feel for what others in your same career position are making, based on the offer that you were given. You can also get a sense of how in-demand your current role is — that can be very important for mapping out future career moves.


You May Be Able to Work Out a Special Arrangement

Although it isn’t the case for everyone, you might be interested in a special arrangement that allows you to pick up a few extra hours during nights or weekends, or whenever you have spare time. Perhaps the recruiter can arrangement a schedule that gives you a little extra cash in your pocket while adding experience to your resume. Assuming the employer is open to this kind of arrangement, it might work out very much in your favor.


It Can Give You a Confidence Boost

Last but not least, there is an intangible benefit to picking up the phone when a recruiter calls. It can give you a serious confidence boost to know that other employers are interested in you, even if you have no intention of accepting another job offer. In short, it simply makes you feel good!


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