Have You Set 2020 Goals Yet?

1 woman, with binoculars looking at camera

Setting strategic goals is essential to the life of your healthcare organization. If you don’t, your team has nothing to strive for. Plus, your organization as a whole has no way of measuring whether or not you’re achieving what you should be: highly effective and timely patient care. Let’s take a look at four basic… Read more »

Coloring Your Way Into 2017

If you haven’t heard about the concept of coloring books for adults or think it’s a bit of a silly trend, you may want to take a second look. Evidence shows that adults who use coloring books reap benefits for their emotional, mental, and even physical health. An alternative to meditation. If the thought of… Read more »

When Setting Goals, be SMART

If you want something from life or your career, you have to go after it; nobody will hand you anything, right? And it’s admirable to have aspirational goals, something to propel you forward in both life and career. On the flip side of that, one of the primary reasons people don’t reach their goals stems… Read more »