Medical-Professionals-value-based-careThe medical field is experiencing a transition toward value-based healthcare and away from the traditional fee-for-service model. In this model, providers get paid based on the quality of healthcare they deliver and the results they see, rather than the amount of care they give. How do you get your team on board?

Here are a few ideas on encouraging your team as your facility provides more and more value-based care:

Work as a team

The value-based care system works when your medical team collaborates. The fee-for-service model doesn’t necessarily encourage team members to work together to provide care, and in some cases, sets them at odds. So, encourage your team members to embrace fee-for-service, using their various skillsets to support the same goal: getting the patient the care they need.

Share information

Another hurdle to value-based care systems is that to work properly, it needs collaborative information sharing. Care coordination can occur when all providers have access to a patient’s complete medical record. Without it, certain team members are in the dark. That doesn’t allow them to provide the care the patient actually needs because they simply don’t know the full story.

Focus on prevention

Proactive and preventative medical care is the name of the game in a value-based healthcare system. When the goal of a provider is profit, as unfortunately is too often the case in a fee-for-service model, treating patients is better than keeping them healthy ahead of time. At your facility, encouraging your team to focus on preventative measures and proactive healthcare steps will help them prepare for the full transition and implementation of value-based healthcare.

Promote strong leaders

Make sure that your very best team members are in leadership roles to head up your staff as you continue transitioning toward value-based care. A system like this only works when dedicated, knowledgeable physicians or caregivers are in the driver’s seat.

Make the Transition

As providers continue to move forward and transition toward value-based care, the country’s healthcare industry should start to improve. And that means more patients get the care they need, thanks to you.

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