Get Some Grit! 

In this ever-competitive world, it helps if you know how to compete…and how to win. This doesn’t mean you have to ace every test or go out and win a marathon, but it helps to know how to push past your personal limits to reach a goal you might not have otherwise. So, if you… Read more »

Are You Easily Distracted?

  If you find that by the time you finish reading this paragraph your attention has been pulled away at least once, you probably get distracted fairly easily. It’s difficult not to be, with ceaseless phones pinging updates, nonstop inbound emails, and constant general ambient noise coming at you from all sides. So if you… Read more »

Be Your Own Motivator

Not all of us possess the sheer willpower needed to accomplish the goals we set out for ourselves — sometimes we get distracted, discouraged, or derailed. Or we have great intentions but can’t seem to muster the mental energy to follow-through. One point we tend to forget is that while nobody else can attain our… Read more »

Have You Kept Your New Year’s Resolutions?

It’s March… Do you remember what you resolved to get done in 2016? Have you made a list and stuck to it? (Do you know where the list is?) The fact remains that most people break from New Year’s resolutions in about six weeks. Rather than looking back come December and thinking with a sigh,… Read more »

You Have Options – Refresh Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s February, and your New Year’s resolutions may have begun to wane a bit — most resolutions last about six weeks after they’re made. So if you want to either make the most of that gym membership or simply move around more to stay healthy, look at some of these suggestions. And consider this: Saying… Read more »

Do a Good Turn for a Friend

Referring a friend for a job opening is a strong endorsement of their abilities. We know that great employees know other great employees. If you know someone who can benefit from our services, please let us know. Your recommendations are highly valued. And we will reward you $100 for everyone how meets our qualifications. Call… Read more »

Bounce Back Into Action

Sometimes the hardest part of taking a vacation is returning from the vacation. But rather than dreading getting back to the office after a week off, take a positive approach and acknowledge that you’re back to reality, refreshed and re-energized. Ease yourself back in. Before leaving, most of us set up vacation messages on email… Read more »

Make People a Priority

A good job and financial security rate fairly high on most people’s lists, but what always rates higher is the value of good friends and family. In a world where we’ve constantly got our faces buried in our phones, and emoji just became the Oxford English Dictionary’s Word of the Year, we need to remember… Read more »

Embrace Your Strengths and Weaknesses

In one of the recent 2016 Republican presidential candidate debates, the candidates were asked, “What do you consider your greatest weakness?” Late-night host Stephen Colbert quipped that it was the one question that “no one in human history” has ever answered honestly. Presidential debates aside, nearly anyone who has had a job interview has faced… Read more »

Renew the Body and Mind

Ah, the power of naps — they’re not just for babies and toddlers…or at least, they shouldn’t be. You may have heard of the power nap and how even Einstein took them. Don’t simply look at them as an excuse to not work; a well-timed nap can actually bring back energy and help you get… Read more »