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1 woman, with binoculars looking at cameraSetting strategic goals is essential to the life of your healthcare organization. If you don’t, your team has nothing to strive for. Plus, your organization as a whole has no way of measuring whether or not you’re achieving what you should be: highly effective and timely patient care.

Let’s take a look at four basic tips for setting great goals in 2020.


Set a Few Specific Goals

First of all, don’t try to set too many goals. Even setting only a couple goals will work — putting too much on your plate right at the beginning of the year means that, ultimately, less gets done. Stick to one or two primary goals, and make them specific. If they’re too broad, there won’t be concrete methods for you and your team to use to accomplish those goals.


Make Mini-Goals

Now that you have a few main goals in mind start making a larger list of several mini-goals. That way, you and your team can focus on achieving the incremental steps and, as a direct result of your efforts, advancing toward the main goals. Taking small steps up the ladder in this fashion is much easier than simply setting a lofty goal. And you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and pride when you achieve the benchmarks that will lead you toward your ultimate aims.


Think in Positives, Not Negatives

When setting your 2020 goals, both mini-goals and larger aims, think in positive terms, not negative ones. Rather than saying, “Our organization wants to stop the flow of patients transferring to other facilities,” say, “Our organization wants to increase the rate of patients who remain at the facility for their entire treatment regimen.” It’s far easier to work toward a positive end, rather than preventing negative things from happening. When you work toward those positive goals, the negative aspects will fall away.


Make Your Goals Measurable

Don’t forget to make your goals are measurable in some way. They might be measured with a percentage, a monetary amount, or with some other kind of specific numbers. This makes gauging your success so much easier. For instance, rather than setting a goal like “We want to expand our outreach in the community this year,” set a goal that says, “We will participate in at least 5 new community outreach efforts this year.”


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