Shine as a Top Employee

Of course, you want to make the best impression possible on your employer, and you can take several concrete steps to show yourself as a top employee. By accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative, you can make it happen, putting yourself in the best position to excel. Offer solutions instead of problems. In every… Read more »

How Can You Speed Up Recovery After Exercise?

When you exercise, how do you feel after you’ve finished? How long does it take before that feeling of exhaustion and fatigue goes away? If you stick mostly to rest and some water, there are other steps you can take as well to help you speed up your recovery. Stretch. When you exercise, how do you… Read more »

Do You Drink Enough Water?

Think about it: When was the last time you had a drink of water? Did reading that sentence make you thirsty? If so, you may need to up your daily intake. How much is enough? The idea of eight glasses a day is not a scientific fact but rather a recommendation. Now, that doesn’t mean… Read more »

Interviewing to Hire Superstars

Want to find the best candidates for your company? Sometimes it’s a matter of asking the right questions. Resumes, cover letters and references will give you a good measure of a candidate, but getting answers straight from the candidates can tell you who will really excel. So what should you ask? “How will you identify… Read more »

How Can You Promote Wellness for Your Employees?

As an employer, you want your employees to always do their best, stay on top of everything, and get the most out of each day. However, that won’t happen if you have stressed or overwhelmed employees who make a habit of simply holding on and getting through each day. Too many employers overlook the importance… Read more »

Embrace Your Strengths and Weaknesses

In one of the recent 2016 Republican presidential candidate debates, the candidates were asked, “What do you consider your greatest weakness?” Late-night host Stephen Colbert quipped that it was the one question that “no one in human history” has ever answered honestly. Presidential debates aside, nearly anyone who has had a job interview has faced… Read more »

Vaccines = Prevention!

In recent years there has been some backlash against vaccination that has arisen, leading many parents to question whether they’re actually safe for children. They worry about the potential cause of disorders such as autism or even death in some very rare cases. The bottom line is, while vaccines do have pros and cons (as… Read more »