What Do People Say About You?

When you buy something online, how do you decide what to choose? Do you go by price only? Or, like most of us, do you also look at what other purchasers think of the product? If an item on Amazon, for example, gets a number of negative one-star reviews, you’ll probably read the reviews to… Read more »

Be Your Own Motivator

Not all of us possess the sheer willpower needed to accomplish the goals we set out for ourselves — sometimes we get distracted, discouraged, or derailed. Or we have great intentions but can’t seem to muster the mental energy to follow-through. One point we tend to forget is that while nobody else can attain our… Read more »

Tell Your Employees That You Care!

The first Friday in March marks an important day on the calendar: Employee Appreciation Day. And while you show your employees how much you appreciate them on other days of the year as well, it always feels good to have someone acknowledge it (just as you feel when Boss Appreciation Day comes around). Read on… Read more »