Should You Hire for Adaptability?

We’ve written before about hiring for empathy, and now it’s time to consider hiring for adaptability. On any given day on a job, things may not go as planned. The employee who can roll with the unexpected is one you’ll want working for you. The only constant is change. You want to avoid hiring someone… Read more »

Be Creative and Liven Up Healthy Eating!

If you’ve rotated the same six meals weekly for the past few months and want to find something new, consider looking on Pinterest. If you don’t have an account, it’s worth creating one just for recipes alone — the choices are literally right at your fingertips. Start broadly, then narrow your search. Let’s say you… Read more »

Take Responsibility

Sometimes we want someone else to take control so we don’t have to…it’s easier to have another person run things. That also means we don’t have to shoulder the responsibility of accepting consequences if things go wrong. Yet while that may feel tempting, in the end we must take responsibility for what we do, both… Read more »

When Is the Right Time to Start Hiring?

When your hiring needs intensify, have your resources ready to hire the strongest candidates. Employers who consider their needs ahead of time will know what sort of person they need to fill a position. Be proactive rather than reacting when someone leaves a position and you now have to scramble to fill. Work with a… Read more »

Why You Need YOU Time

You have so many responsibilities that absolutely must come first – job, home, bills, and all the other seemingly endless necessary minutiae that make up life – that you may consider time to yourself a luxury you cannot afford. However, you should take time for yourself every day, even if just for a few minutes,… Read more »