When your hiring needs intensify, have your resources ready to hire the strongest candidates. Employers who consider their needs ahead of time will know what sort of person they need to fill a position. Be proactive rather than reacting when someone leaves a position and you now have to scramble to fill.

  • Work with a staffing agency. Want to stay ahead of the game regarding hiring? Curate a relationship with a quality staffing & recruiting firm in your area. Look for one with high satisfaction rates by both clients and candidates. A steady partnership with a staffing agency, puts extensive hiring resources at your fingertips. Their sole mission is to connect companies with the best matches for employees. If you tell them your needs, they’ll find you quality, vetted candidates ready to work. Plus, you cut out the strain of going through the whole hiring/interviewing process yourself. Think of it as creating a pipeline to reliable candidates through a trusted source.
  • Look at your overall needs. Take time to review the last few years of your business, quarter by quarter. Figure out when you seem to have the most and least need for extra hands during your busiest times. See if you can figure out a pattern of when employees tend to leave. Then look ahead at what you have set up for the future of the company. Do you anticipate a partnership with a new client that will require more expertise? Examine any holes or weaknesses in your operations that may benefit from a new hire with knowledge to help the company become stronger. Knowing your needs ahead of time allows you to pinpoint job descriptions and find the best fit.
  • Create a pipeline. Good hiring includes proactive recruiting. Even when you don’t have an immediate need, keep an eye out for candidates who may work for you in the future. Pursue various avenues:
    • Work with a staffing agency to save you time.
    • Use networking sites such as LinkedIn to reach out to potential hires, even those not actively looking.
    • Consider an intern program that will allow candidates new to the workforce to work at your company and try each other on for size — your current intern may well become your next great hire, and it’s someone who already knows the company.
    • And don’t forget to consider internal staff, either to move from one department to another or to ask for recommendations.
    • Decide which method will work for you, then hone it to meet your needs.

Hiring shouldn’t be something you put on the shelf and take out when the need arises. The best companies always keep an eye out for top talent and use their resources to bring in the best. If you’re ready to partner with our medical recruiting team at Medical Professionals, reach out to our team today!

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