The Costs of an Empty Chair

When a position is open, it may seem like a smart idea to wait and see if it really needs filling, or take time with finding the very best candidate, but that sort of thinking can become expensive in more ways than one. While it makes sense to take hiring seriously, leaving a position vacant… Read more »

Create Change!

When we think about our goals, we often go for the gusto, creating lofty, soaring goals that will ultimately change our lives for the better. We start after that goal…and then realize it’s too vast to even attempt. Thus, starts a spiral of feeling inadequate for not reaching one’s goals or simply feeling overwhelmed. Yet… Read more »

Why You Need YOU Time

You have so many responsibilities that absolutely must come first – job, home, bills, and all the other seemingly endless necessary minutiae that make up life – that you may consider time to yourself a luxury you cannot afford. However, you should take time for yourself every day, even if just for a few minutes,… Read more »

Prove You’re a Leader

Leadership is a skill that employers want but don’t find as often as they’d like. Candidates may have backgrounds filled with duties and accomplishments, but when it comes to managing or putting a team together, employers want candidates who have the capability to take charge of projects, other employees, departments, etc. If it is your… Read more »

Tell Your Employees That You Care!

The first Friday in March marks an important day on the calendar: Employee Appreciation Day. And while you show your employees how much you appreciate them on other days of the year as well, it always feels good to have someone acknowledge it (just as you feel when Boss Appreciation Day comes around). Read on… Read more »