Sometimes we want someone else to take control so we don’t have to…it’s easier to have another person run things. That also means we don’t have to shoulder the responsibility of accepting consequences if things go wrong. Yet while that may feel tempting, in the end we must take responsibility for what we do, both good and bad.

  • No matter your situation, you get to control your actions. And doing so, no matter how out of control you may feel, gives you power. Power over yourself, power over those who try to control you. If someone at work annoys you, you have choices as to how you respond, taking personal responsibility for your actions. The choice you make defines your character, so decide how you want to act: Do you want to make a choice to improve a situation or make it worse by your behavior? The choice really is yours.
  • Accepting responsibility for your actions allows you to find solutions. Rather than thinking you don’t have control of your situation, recognizing your responsibility for your actions means you can find solutions to the difficulties life will throw your way. If, for example, you find yourself in a toxic friendship, rather than blaming the other person for behaving badly, you can accept that you chose to continue the friendship, so you really can’t complain…but you can also make the choice to remove yourself from it.
  • Owning your actions makes you who you are. Your successes and failures belong to you and nobody else. While that may seem daunting, it doesn’t mean you must do everything alone; it simply means you make the choice of how you act. Granted, sometimes you may lose out at something beyond your control. You may not get a job at the place you dreamed of working, and that may have little to do with your actions. But your response defines you. Do you try again, or decide your efforts are better spent elsewhere? Either way, you are responsible for your reactions as well as your actions.

When you realize your happiness depends solely on you, it allows you to take responsibility and control of your life. This also frees you to live a positive life regardless of your circumstances. And that’s positive and powerful. Read our related posts or reach out to the staffing team at Medical Professionals today!

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