Taking Criticism Personally Hurts

When we take risks in our jobs, we are bound to make a few mistakes or do things in a way that a superior may want done differently. It’s how an employee reacts to creative criticism that says something about their character and how they can move forward and grow as an employee. On the… Read more »

It’s Time to Declutter Your Resume

As you put together your resume, you want to show yourself off as a solid candidate. However, since resume readers take less than a minute to scan them, overwhelming the reader with too much detail can lead to the opposite effect: they’ll stop reading. Read on for some tips to clean up your resume, presenting… Read more »

When Setting Goals, be SMART

If you want something from life or your career, you have to go after it; nobody will hand you anything, right? And it’s admirable to have aspirational goals, something to propel you forward in both life and career. On the flip side of that, one of the primary reasons people don’t reach their goals stems… Read more »

Networking for Relationships (Not for a Number of Connections)

Have you ever had someone reach out on LinkedIn and see they have 500+ connections? Does that really mean that person knows over 500 people? Does he interact with all of them? What’s the point of collecting connections like seashells or novelty matchbooks? What does it get you? Next time you want to reach out… Read more »

Lacking Career Experience? Volunteer.

Want to boost your resume and get some healthcare experience all while using your talents to help others? Want a one-word answer? Volunteer. If you look within your community, you’ll find numerous opportunities to sharpen your current skills and take on new ones as you engage your passion for your chosen industry Expand your knowledge…. Read more »

Jobs: Don’t Search Harder, Search Smarter

If you feel as though the job search has become a constant slog, you may want to change your methods. Rather than putting in hours each day poring over the classifieds, either online or in print, some different methods may help you search more effectively and make better use of your time. Use a recruiter…. Read more »

Prove You’re a Leader

Leadership is a skill that employers want but don’t find as often as they’d like. Candidates may have backgrounds filled with duties and accomplishments, but when it comes to managing or putting a team together, employers want candidates who have the capability to take charge of projects, other employees, departments, etc. If it is your… Read more »

The Rewards of the Healthcare Industry

Friday, May 6, marks the beginning of National Nurses Week, so let’s take the time to focus on the numerous contributions of nurses and related healthcare professionals. Make time to thank them for all that they do. So many nurses go about their jobs all but unnoticed. These healthcare professionals don’t do their jobs to… Read more »

Be Your Own Motivator

Not all of us possess the sheer willpower needed to accomplish the goals we set out for ourselves — sometimes we get distracted, discouraged, or derailed. Or we have great intentions but can’t seem to muster the mental energy to follow-through. One point we tend to forget is that while nobody else can attain our… Read more »

What Sets You Apart?

Considering the sheer number of people vying for most job positions, you need to do what you can to stand out, to be that bright flower in the vast green field of applicants. Yes, you may have similar backgrounds and qualifications for a position, but if you think about it, you have something that makes… Read more »