What was the last book that you read, either as a hard copy or on a Kindle? If you can’t remember, you’re not alone: 33 percent of U.S. high school graduates don’t read a single book after high school. Yet the very act of reading enhances our brains and helps us learn on different levels…. Read more »

If you feel a little stuck in your job, then make some changes to improve your status. Often, in attempting to get to the top of your profession, it helps you improve your personal life as well. Truly know your goals. So often we have career goals, and we go through the motions, but then… Read more »

When employees have to deal with change, they, like many of us, find it difficult. Thus, as an employer, you set the example; employees will follow your lead. Your acceptance of change as a positive will urge your employees to do the same. So, do what you can to show them how to deal with… Read more »

As you prepare to look for your next job, you may want to consider updating your résumé to make sure you have added your most recent accomplishments, streamline formatting and added any keywords … and always, always proofread once more! Weed out what’s not needed. This covers a few aspects of the résumé. For example,… Read more »

You stand on them all day, sometimes for hours on end during a busy shift. And when you finally get to sit or lie down, your feet often remind you just how long they’ve supported you. Yet too often we ignore our feet even though they literally keep us up and moving. Read on for… Read more »

In this ever-competitive world, it helps if you know how to compete…and how to win. This doesn’t mean you have to ace every test or go out and win a marathon, but it helps to know how to push past your personal limits to reach a goal you might not have otherwise. So, if you… Read more »

When hiring, you naturally want to focus on who will make the best employee, and that often comes from looking at the person’s background and experience. But do you also look at enthusiasm? There’s something rewards when hiring a candidate whose attitude leads to a more positive experience for all involved. Think about building a… Read more »

We all feel stress from time to time, and some of us deal with it as a chronic condition. We may feel tightness in our muscles (shoulders and neck, anyone?) and get less sleep. This affects our health, but how does stress affect our immune systems overall? Before you stress more about feeling stressed and… Read more »

When we feel stressed, we’re often told to think of a place in nature to calm ourselves down; picturing yourself on a tropical beach, in a field full of wildflowers or sitting on a rock in a cool green forest can often calm your breathing and slow your heart rate. Indeed, research has shown that… Read more »

For those of us who play video games, we know that “leveling up” means earning more prizes, getting better weapons, improved abilities to fight against the enemy and complete whatever quest the game lays out. How can we do that in real life and what benefits will it have? Consider your definition of personal success…. Read more »