You stand on them all day, sometimes for hours on end during a busy shift. And when you finally get to sit or lie down, your feet often remind you just how long they’ve supported you. Yet too often we ignore our feet even though they literally keep us up and moving. Read on for a few tips to quiet your barking dogs and put an end to the number one complaint of nurses.



  • Stretch. Just as important as neck, chest and shoulder stretches, foot stretches can help ease a lot of pain, which healthcare professionals must take care with considering their feet pound hard surfaces constantly. Start by lying on your back and lifting your leg to 90 degrees. Hold it in place and do two sets of point-and-flex with each foot, aiming for at least twice a week. This helps ward off plantar fasciitis, something nurses and other healthcare professionals are prone to. You can also put a towel or belt around the ball of your foot and stretch slowly and steadily, pulling your foot toward your body.


  • Treat yourself. First all, pedicures aren’t just for women. Second, it’s not just about fun nail colors. A good pedicure includes a soothing soak, a massage and some extra moisturizers that will make your feet tingle in the best way possible. Add to that some cleanup, cutting the nails (always cut straight across when you’re doing it at home to avoid ingrown toe nails), and getting rid of bacteria always helps. While you’re at it, enjoy the massage chairs as well.


Taking care of your feet will help you stay on them longer and help your body do its best all day. To partner in your job search, connect with the staffing experts at Medical Professionals.

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