Is It Time to Spring Clean Your Résumé?

As you prepare to look for your next job, you may want to consider updating your résumé to make sure you have added your most recent accomplishments, streamline formatting and added any keywords … and always, always proofread once more! Weed out what’s not needed. This covers a few aspects of the résumé. For example,… Read more »

Nature, the Most Powerful Remedy

When we feel stressed, we’re often told to think of a place in nature to calm ourselves down; picturing yourself on a tropical beach, in a field full of wildflowers or sitting on a rock in a cool green forest can often calm your breathing and slow your heart rate. Indeed, research has shown that… Read more »

Being Mindful Is Critical to Wellness

If we want to improve our overall wellness, we need to have a certain awareness of what we do to make ourselves well. In other words, we need to incorporate mindfulness, or the state of being aware of something, into our daily lives. Doing so will allow us to be more conscious of the little… Read more »