What was the last book that you read, either as a hard copy or on a Kindle? If you can’t remember, you’re not alone: 33 percent of U.S. high school graduates don’t read a single book after high school. Yet the very act of reading enhances our brains and helps us learn on different levels.

  • Reading improves your understanding. Of what, you may ask? Where to begin, I respond. Of vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, slang. Of topics you never knew about before. Of places you’ve never visited, people you’ve never met, conditions you’ve never dealt with. Depending on what you read, you can come away with a greater understanding of everything ranging from how to build a shelf, to what it feels like to explore an uncharted land, or living during a different period, to understanding the human condition. The possibilities are endless, especially when you come across an author who verbalizes something you could only feel, but not put into words.


  • Reading improves your communication. The total number of words read annually by a person who reads 15 minutes a day is one million words. That’s staggering. Many studies show the more a person reads, the better they are at writing and the better vocabulary they have. But it’s not just about using the “big words”. It’s also about gaining knowledge to better communicate with others. You may never have traveled to India, but reading allows you to share someone else’s journey. This in turn can give you something to talk about when speaking of travel in real life. Reading allows you to share and make connections with those around you.


  • Reading changes the brain. In the quiet space of reading, our brain gets to focus on words and only words. The brain makes connections, asks questions when we don’t understand, rereads for clarification, and remembers certain situations, characters, feelings. It also helps boost our imaginations and creativity, especially when we read fiction. This allows us to empathize with others. Reading urges us to think outside the box as we go through our lives. It allows us to see things from new angles and presents us with a world of possibilities.

If you’re a person who says, “I don’t read because it doesn’t interest me or I don’t have time,” know there is something in the millions of books out there that will fit your tastes. So, go take a bite. Connect with the local staffing experts at Medical Professionals.

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