When we think about our goals, we often go for the gusto, creating lofty, soaring goals that will ultimately change our lives for the better. We start after that goal…and then realize it’s too vast to even attempt. Thus, starts a spiral of feeling inadequate for not reaching one’s goals or simply feeling overwhelmed. Yet all you need to do is remember the old adage: “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

  • Go for daily wins. You may have an overarching goal you want to reach, be it losing weight, exercising regularly or finding a new job. Too many of us focus on the end and haven’t figured out exactly how to get there; we don’t create a plan for success. But if you look at your goal as numerous small, daily wins (baby steps really do work!), those will add up until you’ve finally reached the finish line. This will also help keep your momentum going as you rack up those easily achievable milestones.
  • Know the reality. Apparently, 92 percent of those who set goals don’t reach them. And those who try to lose weight through intense exercise and crash dieting tend to fall off track as well, often even gaining weight in the end. We all want the easy, fast fix — yet moving slowly and surely toward a goal helps to not only meet it, but also to maintain the result. You need to set specific and challenging (yet attainable) goals for yourself. The more specific you can make them, the more likely you’ll meet them, giving yourself clarity on what you want. For example: “I want to find a new job by December” becomes “I will go on ten interviews and make twenty new contacts to help secure a job by the end of the year.”
  • Keep track. One of the simplest ways to make a big change is to write down the small milestones as you rack them up. For example, get a twelve-month dry-erase calendar. On every day you invest time working toward your goal, put an X on that day. As you move through the month, you’ll see your “wins” grow, which motivates you to keep going. Or keep a daily/weekly log of your steps in a notebook, on a phone app or somewhere you can easily access it. This will also help you develop a belief you can accomplish those goals.

Big goals require small, frequent steps. Once you have your plan in place, take one bite a day until you’ve finished the meal…and feel satisfied about a job well done. Reach out to the local staffing experts at Medical Professionals today to partner in your job search!

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