The first Friday in March marks an important day on the calendar: Employee Appreciation Day. And while you show your employees how much you appreciate them on other days of the year as well, it always feels good to have someone acknowledge it (just as you feel when Boss Appreciation Day comes around). Read on to get some low-cost, high-yield suggestions for honoring the day and those who work for you.

Make it year-round. First of all, don’t let Employee Appreciation Day atone for 364 days of neglect. It helps employees to feel appreciated throughout the year: Recognize birthdays, meeting quotas, landing a new client. Or simply choose a day when you know they’ve been dealing with a lot of stress and bring in breakfast or lunch for everyone. Loosen up the dress code before the holidays. Have fellow employees nominate each other for worker of the month awards so they and you can “catch each other” working hard.

  • Let the games begin. Considering the real games are only months away, put the office into teams for an Office Olympics — bring people together across different departments for some lighthearted competition covering athletics, intellect, board games….be creative. The prizes don’t have to be big; they can be as simple as banners or bandannas in team colors and a winner’s’ mug. Have fun with it. This gives employees a chance to use other skills and get some appreciation for them, too.
  • Go simple. Give a handwritten note to each employee focused on specifically what you appreciate about them and why. It demonstrates that you know them and value their contributions. And it’s something employees will truly value as well.
  • Help with work-life balance. Allow for an extended lunch so employees may take their spouses or kids out for a surprise get-together. Or give everyone an extra afternoon/morning off on a day of their choosing so they can attend a family event they otherwise would have missed or simply go to a movie. This way you show your appreciation of them not only as employees but as people as well.

Make the most of Employee Appreciation Day for all of your workers — and remember how much they do for you every day. When you show your appreciation, they’ll appreciate your recognition in return, creating a culture of respect for all involved. For more tips or to partner to fulfill your staffing needs, reach out to the experienced recruiting team at Medical Professionals.

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