If you haven’t heard about the concept of coloring books for adults or think it’s a bit of a silly trend, you may want to take a second look. Evidence shows that adults who use coloring books reap benefits for their emotional, mental, and even physical health.

  • An alternative to meditation. If the thought of meditating seems like something you just wouldn’t do, know that using a coloring book actually has similar results — it helps reduce anxiety by refocusing our brains on something relaxing, focusing on an image rather than the swirling thoughts of frustration that sometimes overtake our consciousness. And you don’t have to be an artist to color; the structure provided helps guide what to do. You just need to choose the colors. 
  • More than a trend. Adults have used the therapeutic benefits of coloring for more than 100 years. In fact, psychiatrists such as Carl Jung even utilized this with patients. Researchers and art therapists have praised its efficacy more so within the last ten years, and the first commercial adult coloring books came out around 2012. Even stressed-out business and creative professionals use this as a tool, with some offices offering time for group coloring sessions. What a great way to improve focus and creativity on large projects.

So next time you feel stressed and can’t find your yoga pants or want something other than meditation, get yourself some crayons or coloring pencils and an adult coloring book — consider it a relatively inexpensive way to create something beautiful and give yourself some calm and focus in the process. Reach out to our experienced recruiters at Medical Professionals today!

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