We all have difficult times, and it’s often how we react that helps us get through them successfully.

Creating a positive mental outlook can help immensely when those tough spots come along. So, what can you do to stay positive in the face of the negative?

  • Look at your environment. Too often we surround ourselves with negative influences, either people or entertainment. Who hasn’t read a news article that got them righteously upset and chose to flounder in it a little? But this isn’t good for your overall outlook, so cultivate your positive influences. List the three most positive and negative people in your life. Then see how you can spend more time with the former and less with the latter.
  • Keep your perspective. We’ve all made a huge fuss out of a small problem before. So, when you find yourself stressed and spinning, creating that mountain, try these three steps: 
  1. Stop. Mentally say “stop” (or shout it!) to yourself or tell yourself not to go down that path;
  2. Take some breaths. Once you’ve stopped the negative slide, be still and breathe. Focusing on only that for a minute or two;
  3. Reframe. Talk to someone who can show you that this is a molehill, nothing more. Venting to a friend can help. Or simply ask yourself if this will matter in five weeks or five months. If not, let it go. 
  • Take care of yourself. Too often we throw out that which helps us stay positive: exercise and sleep. You may feel you don’t have time to sleep or you feel too stressed, but both of those will help you maintain a positive outlook when the going gets rough.
  • Refuse to let fear guide you. Nelson Mandela once said, “Let your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” Vague fears and “what-ifs” have a way of holding us back from taking chances. So, you may want to ask yourself this simple question: What’s the worst that could happen? Then plan for that. You’ll feel armed and ready to take on the challenge–and chances are, it won’t happen.
  • Start your day positively. Perhaps you’re at a stressful point in your life either due to work, personal troubles, or both. The way you begin your day starts you on a path that influences everything else. Instead of rushing into your day and panicking about what you need to do later, start out positively. Take a few minutes in the morning to sit quietly and breathe, meditate or just stretch. As you go to work, avoid the news, and listen to an uplifting podcast or music you love. It will change your entire daily outlook.

Tough times happen, but tackling them with a positive attitude can only help you weather them better. For even more advice on how to live a healthy life, visit the experts at Medical Professionals.


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