We all have our moments or days, or weeks of self-doubt, where we feel as though we can’t do anything right, that we’ll never get ahead. However, before you decide your own fate and sell yourself short, look at a few ways to boost your own self-confidence. Realize you have a lot to offer and thicken up your skin a little when self-doubt comes calling.

  • Take time for self-care. Too often we consider taking time for ourselves to be indulgent, yet our self-confidence stems from doing so. When we constantly feel tired or out of shape, doubt overtakes us. So, make sure to create time for healthy eating, exercising and sleeping. And dress for the way you want to feel. Self-confidence involves looking after yourself first.
  • Help others. Doing this allows us to get out of our own heads and feel grateful for all we have. Plus doing for others feels good. Rather than spending time on your own shortcomings, focus on others and what you can do for them. Then watch your self-confidence grow.
  • Do a little positive visualization. Picture yourself as someone you would be proud to be. Too often we see ourselves in a negative light when dealing with low self-confidence. If you practice seeing yourself achieving your goals, it helps give yourself a boost.
  • Set yourself up for a win. When you set a huge goal that’s difficult to realize, you feel worse when you don’t meet it. The simple solution: Set smaller, more achievable goals. Then, rack up several small successes, upping your self-confidence. Once you’ve gotten those under your belt, set your sights on something a little harder to achieve. You also might consider creating “did-it” lists instead of “to-do” lists to remind yourself of what you’ve done.
  • Use positive self-talk. The concept of affirmations may seem like something from a self-help book, but there’s a reason they work. When you say something positive out loud to yourself, you believe it. So, practice saying something positive in the mirror once a day. Ask a positive question about yourself, so you can focus on your good qualities.
  • Challenge your negative voice. Question your “inner critic”; the one who tells you you’re not good enough. When that voice says you can’t do something, ask why: What reason is there to support that? And, more importantly, what evidence is there to counter that thought? Use your positive self-talk to note your small and large successes.

You have the power to increase your own self-confidence. It’s a matter of making small daily choices for a more positive you. For career advice, visit the experts at Medical Professionals.

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