It may seem like a cliche to say that happiness is, indeed, a choice, but this comes from more than just a few self-help gurus. Did you know, there is scientific proof that it’s true. Some experts claim that we can control up to 40 percent of our own happiness. Knowing this, you may be able to create a little more happiness in your own life.

  • Make it a top priority. Simple as it may sound, the happiest people have made it a number-one goal in their lives. So, maybe it’s time to reboot your values or beliefs or surround yourself with people and environments that raise your chance of happiness. Find the values that will increase it.
  • Practice mindfulness. Often happiness comes along with quieting the mind. Taking even five minutes a day for meditation may shift activity away from the area of the brain associated with depression and anxiety (the right) and toward the left side, the side that feels joy and excitement. You can take a little time out of your day for a quiet mind and happiness, right?
  • Be grateful. Science has proven that creating thankfulness and gratitude increase happiness. Those who cultivate an attitude of gratitude recognize life’s simple pleasures, those you may overlook most days. So, appreciate comfortable pajamas, a door held open, a good song on the radio.
  • Let it happen. Too often we refuse to allow ourselves to feel happiness by falling back on old, familiar habits that are easy but unsatisfying. So, let yourself change, allow happiness to enter your life. Seek it out for yourself and don’t let it pass you by.
  • Find happiness … and find success. One would think that success creates happiness, but it’s really the other way around. Shawn Achor, the author of The Happiness Advantage, has discovered that creating a positive mindset can potentially improve your performance and well-being on multiple levels. Achor says some folks perform better during challenging times, referring to it as “the ‘happiness advantage.’”

Make the choice to move toward more happiness in your life with these simple steps.  Go ahead, why not give them a try? For find more happiness in life, visit  with us at Medical Professionals.

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