What are your core values? In other words, what do you stand for and why? Any company worth working for has a clear answer to this question — and you should as well. Do it both for your personal and professional self.

  • Who are you and what do you stand for? What words or phrases define your core values? They represent your internal compass and the values by which you handle life choices. They say what you would fight for and what you hope others say about you when you’re not there. To put it another way, these words define your personal brand and your character. You may think of words such as friendly, open-minded, determined, loyal, responsible … the list goes on.
  • How do you find it? Take those steps. Instead of holding back out of fear that something won’t work out, take a small chance and see what happens. Make a move toward a goal you’ve always wanted to achieve. If it works, great — keep going. If it doesn’t, try something different. Just make sure you keep exploring. And know that it’s not necessarily one thing you’re meant for. You may well have more than one purpose in life; sticking to just one may leave you unfulfilled because you can’t find it. Try new things, engage fully, and pursue your passions.
  • What do you love to do? So, what drives you? What gets you out of bed in the morning? What are you willing to sacrifice to make happen? Once you have answers to these questions, find out how you can make your passion a healthy part of your life, one that fulfills you without burning you out. Whether it’s through your work or personal life, you can find your purpose through doing what you love.

All the little things that move you, when put together, become your purpose. So explore, find the words that define you, and you’ll be more satisfied with your life. And if you have medical questions, seek out the experts at Medical Professionals.

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