One of the primary goals at your medical facility is to keep your employees happy and safe. But that can be easier said than done. It’s up to you to make sure that all of your employees stay safe on the job so that they, in turn, can keep your patients healthy.

As 2020 rolls on, use these four tips to ensure that your employees stay safe:


Keep Up with Education and Training

The number-one way that administrators can keep their employees safe is by keeping up with the right education and training. These efforts ensure that employees know what is expected of them in terms of safety precautions. Keep they’re aware of the latest recommendations and requirements for staying safe. Equipment training, fire safety training, patient handling, emergency training… the list of critical areas is long, but your entire staff must remain up-to-date with these topics.

Use Proper Equipment

Improper use of equipment, or using the wrong tools for the job, are some of the leading causes of workplace injury in the medical field. That’s why using the right equipment, and using it correctly, is so important. The safety of all of your employees depends on it! Musculoskeletal injuries are particularly common among employees who lift or transfer immobile patients, perhaps from beds to wheelchairs or vice versa. Assistive devices should always be used if an employee can’t lift a patient by themselves — ensure your entire staff knows how.

Provide Protective Clothing

Your facility must provide your staff with access to the right protective clothing for their jobs.  The proper use of gowns, gloves, safety goggles, and face shields helps to protect against physical injury, and these items are also important for containing bodily fluids and preventing the spread of pathogens, bacteria, and other contaminants between patients and healthcare workers. Protective gear is also essential when employees are handling certain chemicals or medications, some may cause serious harm if workers are exposed to them in the wrong way.

Create a Safety Culture

Last but not least, create a culture of safety at your workplace. This means keeping safety at the top of every one of your employees’ minds and a means to hold each other accountable. Do this through continuing education, a rewards system, and effective leadership — that’s how you’ll create a culture that keeps everyone safe and happy all year round.

Make Safety This Year’s Priority

Make 2020 your year to focus on safety. There’s just no other alternative — your staff and patients are counting on you to foster a safe and healthy working environment for everyone. To learn more about how the healthcare field will change and grow this year, see our post on new trends shaping healthcare.


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