Let’s face it. Sometimes, you’ll do something great at work, but no one recognizes you for it. And that’s okay — you’re not in it for personal recognition. You do what you do because you want to help others. But take a moment to appreciate yourself, because it’s important to remind yourself that you’re succeeding. And that success will only beget more success.

Here are a few simple ways to appreciate yourself more at work.


Tell Yourself You’ve Done Something Great

The first step toward appreciating yourself is to tell yourself what you’ve done — something good that makes you feel proud. Tell yourself out loud. You’ll be surprised at how impactful it can be to hear yourself praising your success. If you bottle up your successes and don’t allow yourself a moment of joy, you will be less motivated to do great work in the future. It’s okay to be self-absorbed and pat yourself on the back once in a while!

Give Yourself a Reward

When you’ve achieved a goal or reached a milestone at work, reward yourself. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating when you’ve accomplished something great. How you reward yourself can take many forms. Maybe treat yourself to a nice dinner or a spa day. Perhaps buy something that you’ve had your eye on for a while. Or you can take a restful self-care day. However, you do it, allow yourself some tangible reward for the success you’ve achieved.

Tell Someone Else Outside of Work

And why not tell someone else about your success! Usually, someone not related to your work at all, maybe a family member, friend, or neighbor. It could even be a stranger, depending on the circumstances. But sharing your success out there into the world, and making sure someone else knows about it is vital. In a way, it makes your success more real once someone else is aware of it. Sharing your success helps you feel that it really matters.

Start Appreciating Yourself Today

Try implementing some of these ideas during your next workday. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes almost right away! For more great tips on your health and wellness at work, visit Medical Professionals online. Or give us a call and share your success story!




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