The thing about the medical field is that it’s always changing. And there’s no doubt that as we approach a new year and a new decade, certain trends will shape the healthcare industry in dramatic and possibly permanent ways.

Let’s look at some examples and discuss how they might impact your healthcare facility.


  • Mental health and substance abuse will be paramount. Unfortunately, the nationwide issues of deteriorating mental health and ramped-up substance abuse don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. So expect your healthcare facility to continue treating patients that are experiencing these problems. Make sure you’re prepared to deal with these specific health issues if you’re not already.
  • Robotics and AI will continue to play a bigger role. Technology will continue to play a bigger and bigger role in the world of healthcare and offers exciting enhancements. Look for robotics and artificial intelligence to improve processes and patient engagement. Keep in mind that the team will need to be trained on all of these new systems — it’s a big job, but an exciting one!
  • Transparent and ethical companies will succeed. Companies across various industries, not just healthcare, are in the news regularly for questionable practices around privacy and transparency. Healthcare is not immune, especially in the realm of DNA testing which raises all sorts of privacy implications. This means that the most transparent and ethical companies will be successful with patients and consumers.
  • 3D printing will see continued and expanded use. Another technology that’s expected to see growth in the healthcare sector is 3D printing. This tech can create everything from dental implants and prosthetics to body tissues and medical instruments. Expect to see 3D printing make its way into your facility in some form or another in the coming year.
  • Major retailers will attempt to enter the healthcare space. Big-box retailers like Best Buy and Walmart have already made moves into the healthcare market, and the trend is expected to continue. It’s possible that, while these retailers are no substitute for professional care at a real healthcare facility, you’ll see some competition in terms of market share.
  • Home-based care will gain more popularity. There is growing popularity in the healthcare industry to offer home-based care. Whether care is for newborn infants or post-op patients, home-based care reduces the cost of hospital stays and provides comfort for patients. Care ranges from visiting nurses and case managers to teleconference visits from physicians. Watch for growth in this area and follow home-based care trends in the industry as a whole.

The healthcare industry might be changing, but the need for great staff members never will. Get in touch with Medical Professionals for all of your facility’s staffing needs.

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