Medical Professionals Be a Team Player

This year, give your career a jumpstart by becoming a stronger team player. In order to boost your own career by contributing to the success of others. Yes, you must achieve your unique goals each year, but you simply can’t succeed if you don’t positively impact team outcomes.

Never Miss A Deadline

The best way to build trust with coworkers is to do your work on time, every time. If people constantly have to hunt you down for your work, they will quickly loose faith in you – especially if your tardiness impacts their ability to hit their own deadlines. Reliability is the hallmark of a true team player, so make every effort to hit your deadlines and if you aren’t going to make it, give your team a head’s up and ask for help.

Don’t Complain

Everyone can find things to complain about at work, but negativity is toxic. It slows productivity, builds poor attitudes, and it gives you a reputation as someone who lacks motivation.  Treat other people with respect, don’t engage in gossip or office politics, and try to avoid complaining about small issues to anyone who will listen.

Focus on Team Goals

The hallmark of a team player is the ability to set aside your own interests and put the interests of the team first.  If you’re only focused on yourself, it will show through in your work.  If you notice someone needs help staying on track or that they are buried under a mile-high to do list, lend a hand.


In every workday, there are snags. Things rarely go exactly as planned. Sometimes those snags come from within the group, sometimes they are external and often, they simply could not have been prevented. To be a great team player, be flexible and roll with the punches. Rather than wasting time stressing about something didn’t work out, refocus yourself and figure out the steps to take to get back on track.

Celebrate Other People’s Successes

Team players are humble and never miss an opportunity to shine the spotlight on other people when they deserve to be recognized. Thank people when they help you, tell people when they are doing a great job, and speak up in staff meetings to give kudos to people. Just make sure you are being genuine – if you appear to be coming off as fake, you won’t cultivate goodwill.

By focusing on others, you’ll reap great benefits in your career. You will build stronger relationships with your coworkers and you’ll develop a reputation as a reliable team member who can be counted on to pitch in. For more tips on becoming an invaluable team member and other ways to boost your career, talk to the recruiting experts at Medical Professionals.

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