When you were a kid or even in college, it may have seemed you had a friend network at your fingertips. But once you moved into the “real world,” that sort of network may have dried up. As an adult, many of us find it difficult to make friends because of time or opportunity. Yet friendships make us feel happier and more connected. So how can you do it?


  • Seek out old friends. Want to find out how an old high school friend is doing? Find them on Facebook or LinkedIn, or maybe make an actual phone call. Apps such as WhatsApp and Voxer also allow you to keep in touch with old friends. You can still hear each other’s’ voices, but it doesn’t take up the same kind of time as a phone call. Finding old friends takes away that step of getting to know the person. If you live in the same area, ask them to bring a friend when you go out and bam! You’ve got a new friend, too.


  • Try an activity. Do you like yoga? Running? Comics? Volunteering? Whatever your interest, others out there share it. Join a local group (try MeetUp) to join others who share your passions – it’s a great starting point for a conversation. Even walking your dog in a local park can help you meet other dog owners. It really does work.


  • Let yourself be vulnerable. So many times, we keep our conversation to the lighter topics, but that doesn’t forge a connection. The next time you find yourself at work, a kids’ birthday party or a happy hour, open up a little. You don’t need to dump your most personal story on someone but give them some insight into you. Chances are, they’ll do the same. That sort of trust leads to good friendships.


  • Make the time. Yes, that’s part of the problem: You’re too busy! But if you check in at least every two weeks, even if it’s a text, you’ll find yourself wanting to make plans, and that leads to making connections.


Friendships enhance our lives. By taking a few small yet significant steps, you can make a few more friends, even in the hustle of everyday life. For more health and wellness tips, visit our blog or reach out to our medical staffing experts at Medical Professionals.

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