What It Means to Create Healthier Habits for Your Family

When you think about what you really want for your family, success may come to mind, or love…but the foundation for all that starts with health. As the saying goes, good habits start at home, and one of the best ways to get your family happy and successful includes getting them healthy through good nutrition… Read more »

Does Stretching Really Help Prevent Injury?

Have you ever attempted to exercise or work outside in the cold without stretching? How long did it take before you either felt stiff or pulled something as a result? In our fast-paced world, too many of us overlook the importance of stretching both before and after exercising to help prevent injury. A stretched muscle… Read more »

It’s Time to Unplug – Now.

In January we posted about ways to unplug from the constant bombardment of our increasingly digital world. Now it’s May…. Have you managed to take any of the suggestions? If reading the how didn’t get you putting the electronic assault aside, read on to find out why doing so has such importance for health and… Read more »