Are you in the market for a new job opportunity? Much of today’s job hunting and recruiting is done online. And one of the biggest platforms is LinkedIn. When you optimize your LinkedIn profile for recruiters, you improve your chances of being noticed, interviewed, and hired. Start by writing down a list of keywords to include throughout your profile. Here are important areas in LinkedIn to develop:

Include an optimized headline

The headline appears at the top of your LinkedIn profile and serves as an immediate introduction to visitors. Include keywords to “optimize” your headline — you do this by mentioning your industry and your strengths. Keep in mind that you only have 120 characters to do this, so keep it brief.

Elaborate in your summary

Below your headline is your summary. This section offers you an opportunity to expand on your skills, expertise, and value. Continue to include keywords that the recruiter will use to search and find you. And don’t be afraid to talk yourself up and share your successes.

Add a professional photo

Nothing ruins a good LinkedIn profile faster than an unprofessional photo. This is the first impression that someone has when visiting your LinkedIn profile. So make it a good one. The best option is to upload a professional headshot. But if you don’t have that, ask a friend to take a photo of you with a nice background. Look through other profiles to get some ideas of what works well.

Make a vanity URL

It’s the small touches that matter. A vanity URL is one of them! This is your LinkedIn “link” that you can share with recruiters.  Instead of the default URL that ends with a random string of letters and numbers, customize it to your name. Here’s an example of how it should look: Learn how to do this by clicking here.

Fill out the extra categories

The categories below the work section of your profile include volunteer experience, causes, education, groups, etc. — take time to fills these out. Recruiters and employers do pay attention to these things! Make yourself look like the attractive candidate you are.

Get some recommendations

Having a few recommendations on your LinkedIn is another great way to showcase your value as a candidate. Ask a former supervisor or a team leader to write you a recommendation — it puts you in the top tier when it comes to the competition.

Put Your LinkedIn Profile to Work for You

Remember that your LinkedIn profile serves as the first impression of many potential employers. Make that first impression the best one possible. Ready to put LinkedIn to good use and find your next dream job? Visit us online to start your journey with Medical Professionals.

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