We’ve written before about hiring for empathy, and now it’s time to consider hiring for adaptability. On any given day on a job, things may not go as planned. The employee who can roll with the unexpected is one you’ll want working for you.

  • The only constant is change. You want to avoid hiring someone who seems stuck in their ways or so controlling they panic when they need to shift their routine. A flexible employee knows their material so well they can adjust as needed to fit the situation without needing their hand held. During an interview, ask a question to identify adaptable traits, such as, “Tell me about a time you had to make a schedule change for a last-minute assignment.” Then listen and watch carefully to their story. If they seem annoyed by having to adjust, this demonstrates a lack of the flexibility that you may need down the road.
  • Not everyone works the same. As with any company, an employee will work with colleagues, superiors and clients who have different working styles. Some may take a more team-based approach while some may prefer a one-on-one situation. Certain clients may prefer to connect through email while others want to meet in person. The bottom line is you want an employee who can adjust to someone else’s working style and see things from a unique perspective. So, make sure to uncover how they collaborate with different working styles.
  • Technology is always changing. It seems every time we turn around there’s a new platform to use or learn about. And if you want to stay relevant, you need employees who can quickly pick up whatever process they have to learn, sometimes on the fly. So, you may want to ask, “How do you feel when you have to learn a new process or technology?” The employee who acts apprehensive or nervous will not do well when they have to deal with this. Instead, look for the person who seems eager to add another skill to their knowledge base.

Quality employees are chameleons, adapting as needed. Look for this type of employee as you make your hires. For quality health advice, seek out the experts at Medical Professionals.

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