Feeling Stagnant? Recognize Why and Do Something!

Have you ever hit a point in your life where you felt stuck, either in a certain stage of life, a relationship or a career? As teenagers, many of us felt nobody understood us and wondered when this adolescent angst would just go away (as many teenagers speak in italics). And many of us have… Read more »

Turn Stress into Excitement and Action!

If, like most of us, you live in the real world, you likely have some stress in your life from work, family, health, political worries…sometimes it feels like an endless list. But stress can have some positive effects in your life if dealt with in a healthy way. So, work on minimizing the stresses in… Read more »

Should You Shop Organic?

If you’ve paid any sort of attention to social media and TV within the last 25 years, you’ve heard the benefits of organic food touted. It’s better for your health, it’s better for the soil, it’s just better all around. Unfortunately, “organic” has become a bit of a buzzword some companies have slapped onto a… Read more »