Considering millennials will soon be the largest generation in the workforce, you should know how best to embrace them within your company. Their preferences and work habits differ from those who came before them. Once you figure out how they work, literally and figuratively, you’ll have a happier, more productive workplace.


  • Know their motivations. Millennials want more than a paycheck. They choose a job for work experience and want to find meaning and purpose in their work. They prefer working for companies they feel a connection with and using their talents to do their best within that company. If they don’t get opportunities for career and personal growth, millennials will leave for a place that offers them. And they work best when given clearly defined goals and consistent feedback that leads to real-world results.


  • Establish those clear goals. Allow for collaborative goal setting. This goes along with giving them regular feedback. Collaboration makes them feel more involved and motivated to get the job done well, rather than simply telling them a number to meet. Discuss goals frequently, so there’s clear understanding on all sides. If you want to go a step further, break up each goal into smaller milestones, recognizing them along the way. Personal recognition motivates 87 percent of millennials.


  • Capitalize on their tech-savviness. If you want to network with clients and customers, put a millennial on the task. This is a generation that knows how to use tech to effectively connect with just about anyone, anywhere. They’re the ones who will text reminders about upcoming meetings, set up video conferences, update your website and LinkedIn pages. They’ll get more immediate responses than calling and leaving a message. Trust that networking millennials will rate your company on such websites as Glassdoor, which can potentially bring more employees to you.


  • Give them a work-life balance. If you want happy millennial employees, offer perks like flexible scheduling, knowing they work as hard as they play. This means when they’re on the clock, they’re focused on getting the job done well so they can truly enjoy their downtime. Recognizing this will draw them to your company.


Millennials, just like any generation, have their own way of working and doing things. A good manager will get to know them well, so they can get the most out of this hardworking, innovative group. For tips on how to effectively manage your workforce, connect with the staffing professionals at Medical Professionals today.

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