As the year’s end approaches, you may want to consider some Hiring resolutions for the coming year. Be sure they’re the kind you can easily keep and put into practice for the next twelve months. Avoid setting resolutions that will fall by the wayside, like a January gym membership! So what can you do to set up a positive 2016 in terms of hiring?

  • Plan your strategy. Forewarned is forearmed. Review at least the last years’ worth of hiring needs and trends within the medical industry.
  • What were the busy times when you needed extra help?
  • How much turnover did you have?
  • Did anyone have to take extended leaves that required temporary help?

Knowing all of this can give you a good baseline for your hiring needs for the upcoming year. Set your hiring goals early and you’ll be ready once you need new medical employees.

  • Look for candidates early. In the same vein, once you have an idea of your hiring needs, begin gathering up the best possible candidates.
  • Make sure you keep resumes and applications on file from the runners-up for previous positions.
  • Align yourself with a quality specialized medical staffing agency, one who understands the unique needs for employees within the medical field and can provide the right candidates from their well-developed talent pool.
  • Know what you’re looking for. While you may not know exactly which staff you’ll need to replace or fill in, it’s important that you do know the job description and what qualifications are needed to fulfill each role. Too often time is wasted by having to cull through applicants who don’t quite fit the position because the job description isn’t clear. Getting this ready for the coming year serves a dual purpose:
    • You and your staffing agency will know exactly what you’re looking for in a medical candidate, and
    • Outside candidates will know exactly what the job entails, meaning you’re more likely to have people apply with the right medical background.

Using a medical staffing partner relieves your HR of the stress and time involved in going through the hiring process, including finding quality candidates and doing the actual hiring. Once the agency knows your needs and you set up a working relationship, you’ll always have access to top medical candidates when the need arises.

So as you move into the New Year, resolve to define your hiring needs ahead of time, including collaborating with a quality specialized medical staffing partner. Enter 2016 with confidence that you’ll meet any hiring needs that come along. Reach out to the expert team at Medical Professionals today!

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