For those of us who play video games, we know that “leveling up” means earning more prizes, getting better weapons, improved abilities to fight against the enemy and complete whatever quest the game lays out. How can we do that in real life and what benefits will it have?

  • Consider your definition of personal success. While the dictionary defines it as having to do with wealth, fame and respect, simply attempting to raise your own standards and surround yourself with positive people can help you refine success. Think about the last time you decided to improve yourself in some way, such as making a goal to exercise even three times a week and meeting it. That will help you feel more personal satisfaction than something more fleeting, such as money or recognition.


  • Figure out how to make “leveling up” work for you. Decide what you want to do and how you can accomplish it. As with a game, sometimes you must add a new skill or mentoring from another person/character before you can move on. So, if you want to move up in your job, you may have to take a side class to learn something that will make you more marketable. If you want to be a little less negative (and admittedly, the news these days often makes that difficult), maybe you need to block certain sites — or certain people — that tend to bring you down. Or take time to do something positive like meditation or yoga, or take a brisk walk outside.


  • See how minor changes can add up. “Leveling up” should entail advancing you be the best, most positive version of yourself. Finish more of days by seeing you did the best you could each time. Make those small improvements habits that will allow you to improve yourself, bit by bit. And remind yourself that it takes time and you’ll have off days, as well.

Just the idea of attempting to move forward by finding ways to give yourself more confidence will help you advance to that next level. “Level up” by raising your own personal standards to find a different kind of success in life, one that’s lasting and always improving. For help in your career advancement, visit the experts at Medical Professionals.

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