In this age of social media where the average Facebook user has 338 “friends,” it’s important to have true, deep friendships as well. Think of the last time you spent time with someone close to you and either laughed until your stomach hurt or cried on their shoulder. Didn’t you feel better after doing that, after sharing that experience with someone? We all need at least one good friend to enhance our lives.

  • “We choose our friends, not our family.” Most humans have a biological need to act socially with others, to form groups to which we belong. We talk about the importance of finding our “tribe,” those like us who get With that connection comes a feeling of mutual appreciation, whether based on similar interests, shared experiences or connecting ideas on how we view the world. Choosing to spend time and forge relationships with people means we avoid loneliness and seek out others to share our experiences with, enriching each one. Surround yourself with successful friends that will push you and help you grow.
  • We all need support. Not all of us react to situations the same way. Some of us prefer to surround ourselves with good friends who will simply be there, not judging us, allowing us to fall apart or rage or listen to music with. Others prefer solitude; they need time alone to process what’s going on…but they have friends whom they know will be there when they feel ready to join the world again. And it’s that understanding that holds the key to a great and valuable friendship.
  • They influence our lives. We become who we surround ourselves with! While we need to make our own decisions and stand on our own two feet, often our friends help us do more, be better and teach us life skills, either directly or indirectly. Whether we know it or not, our friends make us who we are. Surround yourself with caring, supportive friends and you’ll pass that along to others as well. They make us happy and sometimes give us a swift but loving kick if we need motivation or want to make a bad decision. Think of how many times you’ve wanted to give up on something (exercising, trying something daunting, making a big decision) that seemed easier with a friend by your side. Those friendships sustain us more than we know.

So, when you finish reading this, no matter how busy you are, go set up a “date” with a friend — see a movie, grab a drink, take a walk. And remember how important cultivating those friendships are for your life.

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