Will Choosing Happiness Change Your Perspective?

Did Pollyanna have it right? Can playing the Glad Game really help us become happier? Apparently, yes. Perspective really does factor in to whether we feel happy or not, and sometimes choosing happiness really does give us a more positive outlook on life, especially during the tougher times. Make your own weather. As one educator… Read more »

What Is Your Next Level Up?

For those of us who play video games, we know that “leveling up” means earning more prizes, getting better weapons, improved abilities to fight against the enemy and complete whatever quest the game lays out. How can we do that in real life and what benefits will it have? Consider your definition of personal success…. Read more »

Are You Always in a Hurry? Slow Down Now!

The alarm goes off. Once you’ve had your cup of coffee, you need to get dressed, brush your teeth, walk the dog, prep lunch for yourself/the kids, check social media/check email, eat something … rush through traffic, get to work, check email, meeting, meeting, get work done, revise deadlines … does this sound familiar? Hopefully… Read more »