Hiring on Positivity and Potential

When considering your next hire, think not only about wanting someone with experience, but also someone who can grow within the position and take it head-on. For this, you need to hire for both potential and positive attitude. Avoid the “experience trap.” Too often companies automatically assume that past performance indicates future success. But more importantly,… Read more »

How Can You Recruit High-Potential Candidates?

As the job market has gotten better, the pool of candidates has shrunk. It has become more difficult to find great candidates. In fact, a 2015 Talent Shortage Survey showed in that year, nearly 40 percent of the 41,700 hiring managers surveyed said they were having trouble filling jobs. Fortunately, with a few tips, you… Read more »

Why a Regular Bedtime Is Critical to Living Healthy and Happy!

Ask any kid which rule they like least, and bedtime will probably crop up. Yet anyone who has regular interaction with children knows the importance of regular bedtime and getting enough sleep–particularly those sleep-deprived kids who act grumpy and look exhausted all day. As adults, we figure we don’t have to adhere to a bedtime… Read more »

Feeling Stagnant? Recognize Why and Do Something!

Have you ever hit a point in your life where you felt stuck, either in a certain stage of life, a relationship or a career? As teenagers, many of us felt nobody understood us and wondered when this adolescent angst would just go away (as many teenagers speak in italics). And many of us have… Read more »

Feeling Overwhelmed? Chunk it Down!

Do you ever feel you have so many priorities you don’t even know where to start because everything seems important? We all need help sometimes figuring out what needs to go on top of our to-do list. Doing so makes you feel less stressed because it will help you get things done. Read on for… Read more »

Create Change!

When we think about our goals, we often go for the gusto, creating lofty, soaring goals that will ultimately change our lives for the better. We start after that goal…and then realize it’s too vast to even attempt. Thus, starts a spiral of feeling inadequate for not reaching one’s goals or simply feeling overwhelmed. Yet… Read more »

Considering Training for a Marathon? Get started today!

If you’ve ever considered running a marathon, first of all, kudos to you! Not many people have the drive or the stamina to run this admittedly difficult race. So for those of you who have the desire to run one – and do so properly – start with these tips. Use a realistic time table…. Read more »

Hiring Problem Solvers

When considering your next hire, you might want to look at a candidate who not only has the medical background you want, but also has solid problem-solving skills. Think about it: In any profession, things go wrong or get off track, and you want to have someone on your staff who can handle issues with… Read more »

Lacking Career Experience? Volunteer.

Want to boost your resume and get some healthcare experience all while using your talents to help others? Want a one-word answer? Volunteer. If you look within your community, you’ll find numerous opportunities to sharpen your current skills and take on new ones as you engage your passion for your chosen industry Expand your knowledge…. Read more »

Hard to Focus?

Let’s face it: We live in an age where Twitter has 304 million monthly active users, the third Transformer movie had 293 explosions, and many of us, if we’re honest, rely on our Smartphone as an adult version of a favorite security blanket. It’s not a stretch to say that our ability to focus has… Read more »