Multi-tasking Is Not as Efficient as You Think! A Clear Focus, Improves Employee Productivity!

We live in a world where we can barely watch TV without feeling as though we need to be doing something else, such as folding laundry or doing sit-ups, because simply sitting feels wrong. We eat while we drive, listen to a podcast while we cook, text while walking. Yet for all the cache of… Read more »

Create Growth by Embracing Some Employee Push Back

In our business and personal lives, we tend to stick with those who think similarly to us; it makes us feel more comfortable and more supported in what we think and do. And that works to a point; you don’t want to constantly surround yourself with people who question your every thought. However, as an… Read more »

Feeling Stagnant? Recognize Why and Do Something!

Have you ever hit a point in your life where you felt stuck, either in a certain stage of life, a relationship or a career? As teenagers, many of us felt nobody understood us and wondered when this adolescent angst would just go away (as many teenagers speak in italics). And many of us have… Read more »

Are You Really Present?

Photographer Eric Pickersgill has put together a rather thought-provoking photo project where he took pictures of people doing everyday things but removed their “gadgets,” leaving images of people together but staring at their empty hands, as if they still had their smartphone or tablet. The title of the project is called “Removed,” which seems to… Read more »

6 Qualities of Top Healthcare Talent

  When looking for healthcare workers, you want the best. But what does “the best” mean when in your particular field? Look for those with these six stand-out qualities. Grace under pressure. Anyone working in healthcare will deal with sensitive topics that can also be life-altering. You’ll deal with patients on the entire spectrum, including… Read more »

Interviewing to Hire Superstars

Want to find the best candidates for your company? Sometimes it’s a matter of asking the right questions. Resumes, cover letters and references will give you a good measure of a candidate, but getting answers straight from the candidates can tell you who will really excel. So what should you ask? “How will you identify… Read more »

How to Keep Your Employees From Turning into Workaholics

We want our employees focused and working, right? But there’s a difference between working hard and becoming a workaholic, defined as “a person who works compulsively at the expense of other pursuits.” Working too much leads to burnout, as well as other problems. Here’s how you can help your employees avoid this all-too-common issue. Enforce… Read more »

How Can You Promote Wellness for Your Employees?

As an employer, you want your employees to always do their best, stay on top of everything, and get the most out of each day. However, that won’t happen if you have stressed or overwhelmed employees who make a habit of simply holding on and getting through each day. Too many employers overlook the importance… Read more »

Should You Hire an Unreliable Candidate?

The short answer: Of course not. Reliability makes a good employee – and should be an essential attribute of anyone who works for you. As an interviewer, you need to assess a candidate’s reliability in the interview before making any hiring decisions. One of the most essential qualities. Reliability is crucial; it may even trump… Read more »

Could Cross-Generational Mentoring Benefit Your Employees?


The 2015 movie The Intern with Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway is about a 70-year-old widower who, after retirement, decides to get back into business by taking an internship at an online fashion company. Along the way we see some of the typical stereotypes of him bringing his briefcase to work complete with fountain… Read more »