Staying Active in the Holiday Season

As the holidays approach, we all tend to get extremely busy, leaving less time for exercise and taking more time to eat those wonderful holiday goodies that seem to find their way to every break room and party we attend. However, we can find ways to stay active and get exercise in even during this… Read more »

Are You Really Present?

Photographer Eric Pickersgill has put together a rather thought-provoking photo project where he took pictures of people doing everyday things but removed their “gadgets,” leaving images of people together but staring at their empty hands, as if they still had their smartphone or tablet. The title of the project is called “Removed,” which seems to… Read more »

Engage with Employees to Prevent Conflict

While we all would love to have conflict-free workplaces, the fact we as humans tend to interact with each other daily means it will creep into the office in one form or another. Conflict breeds resentment, frustration, lack of work due to a host of reasons, and sometimes even affects employees’ health. As an employer,… Read more »

The Running Craze: 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, Marathon

Want to reduce your stress? Lace up your sneakers and hit the road. And that’s just one of the multiple benefits running can provide. One of the simplest forms of exercise, it can have positive effects on both mind and body. Mental benefits. Running helps release serotonin in your brain, a chemical that helps to… Read more »

The Calm After the Holidays: Volunteering

The holidays tend to bring out volunteers in droves, providing others with a decent meal and warm clothes during a time when excess intertwines with the concept of gratitude for what we already have. And while helping out during November and December does so much for so many, you may want to continue your volunteer… Read more »