How you talk to people matters. But don’t neglect your inner dialogue — what you say and think about yourself is essential, too. Adjusting your description of yourself can be a powerful way to change your whole life! Let’s take a look at five words you should stop using to describe yourself:  


Stupid is one of the more obvious ones. It’s not polite or constructive to call anyone stupid, including yourself. If you get into a habit of calling yourself stupid or dumb, you’ll start believing it — that’s a slippery slope into a drop in self-confidence and self-esteem. Remember: everyone makes mistakes, and it doesn’t mean you’re stupid. What’s important is what you do next.  


It’s far too easy to be hard on yourself for not getting more work done, not getting to the gym, or not being as successful as our peers. But it doesn’t mean that you’re lazy! Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your legitimate overwork or exhaustion is just you being lazy. If you stay on that path for too long, you’ll become burnt out. Give yourself a break and allow yourself to rest and recharge.  


Sometimes, it’s easy to start thinking that we’re all on our own, especially after we’ve taken a significant blow of some kind, such as a breakup or a missed promotion at work. But remember that you’re never really alone — you always have friends, family, or even a mental health professional to talk. Rather than thinking of yourself as alone, ask for support.  


Have you ever wondered if you feel things differently, or more harshly, than everyone else? Sometimes, we label ourselves as “sensitive” as if it’s a bad thing that holds us back. But there’s nothing wrong with feeling the emotions that you feel — they’re yours, after all. Allow yourself to feel whatever comes naturally.  


One of the most common words that you should stop using to describe yourself is “sorry.” Being overly apologetic instantly negates your position and feelings. Don’t get into the habit of apologizing for things that aren’t yours to be sorry about.  

Learn to Appreciate Yourself. 

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