Talent Acquisition is a critical part of any organizations success. If you want to improve your hiring process, one of the most important steps you can take is to work with a specialist in the healthcare industry to guarantee that they are identifying the most qualified, available candidates in your specialties.

  • Find the right staffing partner for you. Healthcare recruiting specialists exist for the various sectors of the medical industry. If your open talent requisitions are for RN’s, Allied Health, Revenue Cycle Management, Executive Level or any other healthcare specialties qualified recruiting specialists are one of the keys to completing a successful hire. Question the staffing partner regarding their areas of expertise and their process. The former will tell you which level of placements they provide; the latter allows you to know they are sourcing the best candidates available.
  • Consider direct hires over contract hires. When you want high-level talent that will engage and support the company culture and vision, often the best choice is a direct hire placement. Many of these candidates will be currently employed so a direct hire placement allows the staffing partner to connect with a complex and broad group of qualified candidates. Contract positions are best when you need to hire an expert to complete a project, or to provide a short-term solution to meet the organization’s needs. Or choose contract-to-hire when positions require time to evaluate the candidate.
  • Get the most quality for your time. Working with a healthcare recruiting partner, you’ll save time and energy by hiring an expert that understands the industry, the positions and has a history of successfully identifying talent that currently work in healthcare. Spend less time explaining the requirements and more time on the correct fit for your company.

For your own peace of mind, work with a healthcare staffing partner. Connect with a specialized recruiting professional at Medical Professionals.

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