If we want to improve our overall wellness, we need to have a certain awareness of what we do to make ourselves well. In other words, we need to incorporate mindfulness, or the state of being aware of something, into our daily lives. Doing so will allow us to be more conscious of the little moments that remind us to act kindly and compassionately toward both ourselves and others.


  • Consider meditation. While only one letter separates “meditation” from “medication,” the benefits of the former can have similar beneficial effects on our overall well-being. So often we find ourselves ruminating, focusing on the negatives (and one must admit, there are plenty out there to choose from), we overlook the positives. Doing a regular meditation to increase one’s mindfulness can lead to increased empathy and compassion for others because it helps us recognize the needs of others rather than focusing solely on our own.


  • Living in the moment allows us to see what’s really going on. We get so busy with our work, social media and worries about the future we miss what’s happening right now. When was the last time you found yourself walking down the street wrapped up in your own thoughts and completely missed the fact that the sunlight filtered through the trees? Or the little boy giving his dad a hug? Or the storefront you just walked by had brilliantly colored flags out front? Those little things lift our spirits and allow us to connect with them. They’re not crucial, but those small interactions help lessen our stress.


  • Improve relationships. Mindfulness can help us notice when someone nearby needs help but can’t form the words to ask for it. For example, paying attention to body language and other cues, will allow you to see that a friend snapped at you over something small. In truth, she has something else stressing her, which you can see from the hollows under her eyes, her tightened mouth and the fact she can’t seem to uncross her arms. So instead of snapping back, you may simply back off or ask if you can help lighten her load.

Mindfulness increases wellness by helping us to be more aware, which leads to greater kindness and compassion. For advice on ways to increase mindfulness in your own life, visit the experts at Medical Professionals.


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