Ever hear the saying, “The early bird gets the worm.”? Well, that certainly applies to job searches. What may start out as an enthusiastic search for that next position may become sluggish as time goes by without landing a job…. Or you get a job and quickly realize it just isn’t the right fit at all. Read on for inspiring ideas to rekindle your urgency and find the right job for you! And know that you don’t have to do it alone.

  • Figure out why you procrastinate. Your job search procrastination may stem from different sources. You may simply allow that habit in your life: You don’t mean to put it off, but you let other things get in the way. However, even that habit generally has a source which may come from frustration (current search has yielded no results), fear (What if you don’t find anything? What if nobody wants to hire you?), or feeling overwhelmed (Where do you even start? What methods will actually separate you from the pack?). Go ahead and identify the reason behind your tendency to procrastinate – and work hard to overcome it. 
  • Be aware: it can harm your search. Not to add to possible fears, but consider the simple fact that those do, get. Those who choose to put in the work and reach out in as many ways as possible tend to get hired (compared with those who simply look up jobs online and fill out an application). You don’t want to miss out on a quality opportunity because you didn’t check the job boards or missed a deadline. This can push your search back even more because you’ll spend precious time beating yourself up which then lowers your confidence. Resist that vicious cycle!
  • You can beat it. You have several options.
    • First of all, remind yourself that you have worked hard and will find something if you keep plugging and going beyond the basics of job searching.
    • Create a doable schedule and stick to it (logging 8 hours a day searching just isn’t realistic).
    • Enlist a friend or family member help to keep you on track.
    • Take moments to acknowledge your victories, large and small.
    • And remind yourself that every day gets you closer to that job.
      The more effort you put in, the better your chances of successful results.
  • Don’t go it alone. Want to really kick procrastination to the curb? Work with a staffing agency or a recruiter. Think of it this way: The goal of a recruiter is to make great matches! Every day, they help match employers with employees. As such, they have the inside scoop on which companies have hiring needs and know how to work with you to help you find your best fit. Working with a recruiter also takes some of the pressure off of you (and can remove feelings of fear and anxiety) because they’ll help you with the process and do some of the legwork.

Don’t let procrastination steal potential opportunities for satisfying work. Find ways to motivate yourself; and find a recruiter to help maintain momentum. Reach out to our experienced recruiters at Medical Professionals today!

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