When walking into an interview, you want to feel calm, cool, and collected…so how do you manage that when you really feel nervous, shaky, and worried about saying the wrong thing? There are a few tricks you can use to keep your nerves from getting the best of you.

Practice, practice, practice. You may have heard this advice before, and there’s a reason: It works very well.

  • Search online learn some of the medical interview questions typically asked and write out an answer for each.
  • Practice your answers so you sound natural.
  • Look at unusual interview questions and why they’re asked. Some employers want to know how you think on your feet, so find a friend to throw you curveball questions and see how you answer. This sort of preparation is invaluable.

Just breathe. The more nervous you get, the more shallowly you breathe, which means you’re not getting the oxygen to the brain that would actually help you stay calm and think more clearly. Before walking into the building, take a few quiet moments in the car to breathe in through your nose for five seconds, hold for five seconds, and slowly let it out through your mouth for five seconds. See if you can do this four or five times: Doing so will help you be calm and focused.

Remember how you got there. You’re at this interview because your credentials beat out nearly every other person who applied (and that number could be in the low hundreds). The employer, in a broad sense, has a problem that needs to be fixed, and you can offer the solution. Take some time to figure out a game plan as to why they must hire you.

Do your research.

  • Look into the company in more detail:
    • See what social media posts they’ve put up detailing recent events.
    • Look at the job description and figure out how you fit each part of it.
    • Know what they stand for and how you can contribute.
  • Plan your outfit, have your resumes printed, and figure out your route.

Doing these things can put you in a powerful position by eliminating some of the unknowns and reduce stress.

If you approach a job interview as something exciting rather than nerve-wracking, you have the chance to walk in there as your most confident self. Reach out to the experienced recruiting professionals for help in your job search or preparing for an interview!

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