It’s not always easy to stay on top of fast-changing news and trends in the business world when so many of us have extremely busy lives and over-filled schedules. How do you figure out what’s actually worth looking at or listening to, considering the barrage of information available? Enter podcasts.

For the uninitiated, podcasts are a great way to get targeted information on specific topics, delivered to your phone (or laptop… or any device that allows you to download and listen) for free and at your convenience. Consider it a sort of auditory magazine subscription that you can listen to whenever you have time. Tune in any time: during your commute or on your lunch hour, or while you exercise or are home making dinner or doing laundry.

There are many, many podcasts available on a wide range of topics. While they’re similar to blogs in that virtually anyone can create one, the better quality ones have risen to the top and been categorized. Nowadays you can find a podcast almost anywhere on almost any subject and access it easily.

So, how do you know which ones to listen to? First, decide what you’re interested in learning more about, whether it is trends in your area of expertise or business, the latest world news, or a world culture you’ve always wanted to know more about. Then do a little research to find those that get good ratings. Listen to a few to see which ones give you what you want. Particularly with regard to business, seek out podcasts that keep you regularly abreast of the latest trends. You may well be able to bring your new-found knowledge into your daily work, demonstrating to your managers that you’re current with what’s going on in the industry and want to incorporate that into your work.

Consider podcasts your free audio library of knowledge. See what you can learn by listening.

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