If you want to attract top talent to your practice, you need to have a solid online reputation. Fortunately, this is something attainable by conducting yourself well and sharing your company’s story through social media. It doesn’t hurt to have others sing your praises, either. Considering that almost three quarters of job seekers preview prospective employers online, your well-regarded online reputation will attract those high-quality candidates you seek. Do what you can to maintain yours.

  • Look at the numbers. A Glassdoor survey from 2012 revealed that 75 percent of the participants, employed or unemployed, would not want to work for a company with a bad reputation. Those who would consider working for a company with a poor reputation would require at least a 50 percent pay raise to work there. And to put it all in perspective, 83 percent of those surveyed said reviews have influenced where they’ve chosen to apply, and 46 percent have allowed a company’s reputation to sway whether they take a job offer or not.
  • What are candidates looking for? When medical candidates look at the website and online reviews of an organization, they want to know what the organization stands for. They want to understand whether its mission and goals align with their own career aspirations and beliefs. And while you can’t necessarily know which top candidates feel you’re a good fit, it stands to reason that it helps to have positive reviews of how you accomplish your mission and goals. Candidates want to know that current and former employees, along with other medical staff and clients, hold your organization in high regard.
  • What can you do to maintain your online reputation? First of all, you need to create a strong online reputation. If possible, have someone dedicated to maintaining your online presence. Keep your website and any social media sites (LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc.) updated with the latest interesting information from your company and from within the medical field. This will also boost your search engine ranking. Peruse ratings sites such as Glassdoor to see what others say about your company and make sure to respond intelligently to negative comments as quickly as possible.

A well-crafted online reputation will go a long way toward attracting the level of talent you want. Do everything you can to maintain yours. Reach out to our experienced recruiting team at Medical Professionals to learn how we can help you recruit the top medical professionals.

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