Have you ever met a person that changed the entire tenor of the room, or is just someone you find yourself wanting to be around? It’s likely the upbeat personality that makes you feel as though they are hardworking, positive, and a pleasure to be around. The same goes for a great hire: Even one new person can breathe new life and perspective into your medical office.

Here are some of the benefits in looking for that type of personality trait:

  • Less stress for everyone. A great hire creates a positive ripple effect. Fellow employees can have the relief of not having to do the work of more than one person. It helps provide trust in the new hire that they will do the job extremely well. It also means managers don’t have to stress about the new employee, which takes away from their own duties.
  • Fresh perspective. Even in companies that are prospering, sometimes tasks can become a bit outdated. A great hire offers fresh perspective. Having just come on board, they may spot things that others have overlooked because they see them every day and can become routine. Plus they often come in with experience or knowledge that could lend well to projects, new ideas, or working with patients, for example.
  • A new range of motion. A great employee who comes in bursting with energy and excited about the job will often transfer that energy to co-workers, encouraging them to rediscover what they enjoyed about their positions in the first place, and perhaps even do more. A quality hire will have the confidence and willingness to try on new roles as needed, eager to learn about different facets of the position and face new challenges. The person you hired to do one position may excel even more in another role down the line, improving more than one part of the office.

It takes time to find a great hire, and you want the best for your medical office. Make sure to do multiple interviews and screen for personality as much as experience and qualifications. The combination of all three will make for the best hire, adding value to the entire organization. Reach out to the experienced staffing team at Medical Professionals today to partner on your hiring needs.


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